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Traffic Control consolidates all messaging functions into one single platform deployed on premises, local hosting centres or on global cloud infrastructure.



Traffic Control has been proven in traditional, virtualized and NFV environments, and with its adaptable and flexible architecture the Traffic Control Platform can integrate into any network. Openmind delivers turnkey or software only projects, including managed services.



By consolidating all messaging services onto a single Traffic Control platform, one administrator can simply control, manage and monitor all modules. Customers are supported with a dedicated training plan and have one point of contact available 24/7 for ongoing support. Traffic Control is one, truly consolidated, platform for all messaging services ensuring clean and efficient management.



Openmind’s modularised platform gives the ability to activate new messaging service immediately without the need for further software installation, and there is no additional hardware required. Our modular architecture ensures operators have a future-proof solution as all new modules are built on the same software architecture.



Openmind’s Traffic Control Platform has open and flexible web-service API’s that allow Mobile Operators to easily integrate the platform with external 3rd party services, bringing innovation to life. Industry standard APIs, such as the GSMA One API, SMPP, HTTP/SOAP and the RCS API ensure we are compliant with industry standards.

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