Securing Messaging Networks from Fraud

Stop Criminals using SMS to attack your Subscribers. Block Grey Routes to grow your A2P Revenues.

Find out how Openmind uses machine-learning technology and expert services to defend mobile network operators and subscribers from fraud attacks.

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Secure, Reliable Messaging

Messaging Hub Providers around the world depend on Openmind’s software to deliver billions of messages every week.

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Openmind Networks is a leading provider of security solutions for messaging networks.

We provide products and services that allow our customers to stop fraud and to block revenue leakage. Our customers include leading mobile operators, wholesale operators, aggregators and social media companies.

Subscriber Protection Services

Openmind is working with Operators around the world to help them protect their subscribers from fraud and smishing attacks. Our managed service allows operators to stop fraud and comply with local regulations.

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SIMBOX Detection Service

SIMBOX Devices are the largest source of uncontrolled A2P traffic terminating on networks. A2P Providers are openly advertising ‘SIM Routes’ as the quickest and easiest way to terminate traffic

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Service Portfolio that Grows your Revenues

Operators depend on Wholesale Revenues for Revenue Growth from Messaging Services. Openmind offers a portfolio of Services delivered by our expert team and supported by our latest technology that can help you combat fraud on A2P and P2P messaging channels, and grow your revenues.

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Move up the A2P Value Chain

Openmind helps our Operator customers move up the value chain and directly target Enterprise Customers. In this way, our customers can command a higher price for termination services while offering higher quality routes for important clients.

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Messaging Solutions From the Experts

Openmind are the only global company 100% focussed on providing messaging platforms to Operators. Our team of experts will guide you through the process of replacing your legacy system with a new messaging platform designed for the current and future needs of your customers. We will take complete end-to-end responsibility for designing, implementing and testing your new system to ensure it meets all your business needs and delivers the level of service you require.

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