Securing Messaging Networks from Fraud

Prevent Criminal Activity on your Network. Grow your A2P Revenues

Our Core Values

Openmind Networks is a leading provider of security solutions for messaging networks. We provide products and services that allow our customers to stop fraud and to block revenue leakage. Our customers include leading mobile operators, wholesale operators, aggregators and social media companies.

We focus on the total service experience for our customers. We will work with you every step of the way to guarantee that the technology and services we provide meet your every need. Our messaging expertise is unrivalled in the market, and using our advanced continuous delivery process we ensure the systems we deploy are always up to date and capable of combating the latest fraud attacks.

Our core values are the traits we value the most in ourselves and each other. They help define “who we are” as an organization, and represent our principles and beliefs.

  • Own It – Accountability and Pride
  • Care for It – Consideration and Support
  • Live It – Passion and Positivity
  • Master It – Expertise and Problem Solving
  • Evolve It – Leadership and Growth

Our Purpose

is to enchance people’s lives and connect the world through messaging

We want to help create “Messaging Moments” – those life moments where messaging is used to enhance your life in some way, that is, to simplify your life, to bring new innovative messaging based services to you, to bring a better retail experience, a better experience of government, or indeed an enhanced experience of any enterprise through messaging.

We connect the world and we enhance people’s lives; when they receive messages from loved ones, when chatting with family and friends, when interacting with companies they like, or when receiving important information from their governments.

  • We protect people from messaging spam & fraud, and we ensure our customers receive fair value.
  • We help people to simplify their lives – getting secure access to accounts and email.
  • We empower people so that they can use services they could not normally use, such as banking.
  • We drive efficiency with messaging, for example, booking a parking spot or queuing for retail access.
  • We enable governments to send information to their citizens.
  • We never lose a message or repeat one because we carry messages with care.

Senior Management Team

Senior Management Team

Alex Duncan

CEO & Co-Founder

Alex has led the business through significant changes from a zero revenue base to a multi-million dollar global enterprise with telecommunication customers in all parts of the world. Alex is responsible for leading the Openmind team to greater growth through the development and implementation of the Company strategy. Alex holds two Trinity College Dublin Degrees; a Master’s Degree in International Business together with Bachelor’s Degree in Electronic Engineering.
Senior Management Team

Brian Kelly

Co-Founder & CTO

Brian is responsible for the overall technical strategy at Openmind, driving innovation for existing and new product development. Brian has a wealth of experience from the messaging industry. While at LogicaCMG, Brian was responsible for increasing the performance of the original Telepath SMSC architecture by two orders of magnitude and for designing and implementing their next generation messaging architecture for both SMS and MMS (Picasso).
Senior Management Team

Billy Shekleton

Co-Founder & CFO

As Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary, Billy is responsible for Financial Strategy, Risk Management and Financial Control at Openmind. Previously, Billy spent 20 years with a number of high profile companies in the telecom and computer sectors, based in Ireland, UK and USA. Billy is a member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and is a member of the Executive Council of the Irish Software Association.
Senior Management Team

Richard Lemmers

SVP Global Sales & Product Management

With over 15 year of International Sales and Business Development experience, Richard is bringing a wealth of Commercial acumen to the company. Since the start of 2013, Richard had a strong focus and involvement on strategic customer growth of Openmind’s Traffic Control across the world. In January 2016 he was appointed SVP Global Sales and Product management. Richard graduated from the Dutch Navy with a degree in Electronics and Weapon engineering.
Senior Management Team

Simon Burbridge

VP Engineering

Simon leads the Engineering department and is responsible for all software produced and maintained by Openmind networks. They work closely with Product Management and the CTO to deliver innovative software products and solutions that bring value to our customers. Simon joined Openmind when it was founded in 2003. He holds an MSc in Experimental Physics and has over 20 years experience in the software industry.
Senior Management Team

Karen Lyons


Karen joined Openmind in 2021 with a wealth of services leadership experience from the telecoms and energy sectors. As Chief Operating Officer, Karen is responsible for customer Design, Delivery, Operations and Project Management services, as well as the Service Management Office. Karen holds honours degrees in Electronic Engineering and Mathematics from Trinity College Dublin and is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP)
Senior Management Team

Caroline O'Dowd

Chief People Officer

Caroline joined Openmind in 2022. As Chief People Officer, she is responsible for delivering HR strategies that align to Openmind’s values and enable the achievement of company goals through our people. Caroline brings extensive HR experience gained in multinational technology companies in Ireland and the United States. Caroline has an LLB, Law and French from Trinity College Dublin, an MSc in Human Resource Management from NUI Galway and an Advanced Diploma in Applied Employment Law from King’s Inns.

Our History

In 2003, four founders created Openmind to bring low cost hardware infrastructure to the billion-dollar messaging market. Over the next 17 years we built, deployed, supported and managed scalable, reliable and available messaging systems everywhere. From China to the USA, we won over €125M of business with customers in 40 countries, servicing over 60 blue-chip telecoms providers.

In 2003 we raised venture capital. We entered the messaging market and fought for our first customers against much bigger competitors. Sometimes we lost, oftentimes we won. We survived, then thrived, and we generated cash for 14 years growing our revenues at an average of 27% year on year. In 2017 three of the original founders bought the business back from the VCs which was a risk we were prepared to take because:

  1. We believed in all of us; the people that came with us on this journey.
  2. We believed that we can enhance people’s lives with our products and services.
  3. We knew we could connect the messaging world better than any other company on this planet.
  4. We are more innovative, more resilient, more driven, more specialist, more expert than any other messaging company.