Communication is a fundamental need of the human race. We love to talk, chat and socialise and Openmind is at the forefront of the communication technology that underpins human chat.

Openmind works with some of the largest and most innovative communications companies in the world and has solved some of the most complex messaging problems for these customers.

We serve over 50 customers on a global basis with over 250 on premise systems installed globally.

Our customers come from every part of the globe, from large and small operators, from innovative Silicon Valley companies and from new emerging markets. Our customers come the some of the biggest and most innovative mobile operators and inter carriers across the globe. We have customers in over 25 countries including China, India, USA, Russia, Ireland, Canada and the Ukraine.

We love our customers and we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service. Our customers are our single biggest source of orders and they continue to purchase new features, upgrades and additional services on a very regular basis.

We invite our customers to come to our home town in Dublin, Ireland once a year and we present our future vision of Openmind while listening carefully to their desires for our company. This gives Openmind and our customers the time and space to review our past successes and challenges and to build on these to a brighter and more fruitful future for all. As part of this event we make sure we bring innovative and challenging speakers that motive us to new and bigger things. We have had some attendees take up Marathons after our motivational speakers challenged them to new heights.

In essence, Openmind is very much about working with its customers to deliver new futures for the success of the individuals that work with us a day to day basis. We take our responsibilities very seriously and we understand that our success in our customer’s projects drives their success on an individual and company basis.

“Coming from my experience, the Traffic Control Platform proves to be easily upgraded with other modules.”

Daniela Yordanova

MobiTel Bulgaria

“Openmind is offering a consolidated platform where you can embed everything you need; SMS, MMS, USSD, RCS, IP-SM-GW and a range of other services that you may need to deploy and offer to your market.”

Vatroslav Culjat

VipNet Croatia

“Openmind’s Traffic Control Platform is like the company itself, it is very flexible, easy to handle and very comfortable to work with.”

Michael Fuerbass


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