Eduardo Guardincerri warns operators about the growing influence of hubbing providers

by Cathal Fitzpatrick | 24th October 2017

At the recent Carriers World conference, the CMO of Telefonica Business Solutions Eduardo Guardincerri warned operators about the growing influence of hubbing providers over the past five or six years. “Many vendors are trying to be hubs,” he said. “in my opinion, this is dangerous”. Eduardo was highlighting the fact that many vendors are increasingly moving into the service provider space, encroaching on areas that are traditionally owned by Operators themselves.


This phenomenon can be readily observed in the messaging space. Most leading messaging vendors, including Symsoft, Haud and 365 Squared, are now owned by Aggregators. Their network platform businesses are in many ways “Trojan Horses” for their Service Provider businesses. Their goal is to take control of their client operator’s interconnect traffic, particularly on the A2P side, on the pretext of dealing with Grey Routes and other sources of revenue leakage. In reality, they are seeking to place themselves at the top of the value chain so they can exploit increasing Enterprise demand for A2P services for their own benefit.


At Openmind, we are taking a different strategy. We are focusing on providing the right technology so that our client operators can manage their A2P and P2P interconnect services themselves. We believe that Operator’s are best placed to offer high value A2P services to Enterprises, and we are concentrating on providing them with the necessary platforms. We believe that where possible, Operators should look to shorten their A2P Value Chains by removing unnecessary reliance on Aggregators.

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