Google Announcement of RCS enabled Android

by Cathal Fitzpatrick | 22nd February 2016

Of all the interesting stories to come out of the first day of MWC 2016, I was delighted to read that Google are going to bring RCS to the masses. When Google acquired Jibe Mobile last year we predicted that this was the reason (read here).

With this announcement, finally Operator messaging might actually catch up with the current decade and indeed hopefully with Google’s help, surpass the OTT offerings to deliver a operator enabled, controlled and secured IP messaging system offering along with chat, operator group chat, Video Clips and Voice Clips. I am sure that Google will find a new spin on this that will bring a range of Google services to bear on the messaging client, but RCS will be the standard IP connectivity protocol and this is good for the industry that has struggled, needlessly I would say, with the business case for RCS.

This opens the door for vendors like Openmind to offer, sell and deploy RCS application servers for operator networks or indeed in private hosted centres and perhaps ultimately in public cloud at least for smaller operators. Openmind has invested in RCS, Virtualisation, NFV and cloud architectures and has been helping operators move legacy messaging systems into modern IP based with flexible deployment options.

Contact us to find out how we can help you with RCS in time for Google with a range of deployment options.  Or download our white paper to learn more.

Alex Duncan, CEO and Co-Founder.

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