Happy Birthday SMS

by Cathal Fitzpatrick | 7th December 2017


Happy 25th Birthday SMS!


December 3rd 1992 was an important day in the history of mobile telephony. Although it went unnoticed at the time, the sending of the very first SMS message on Vodafone UK started a revolution in mobile communications. For the first time ever, people could instantly communicate their thoughts and emotions with each other regardless of their location.


SMS was a slow to take off – it was not an overnight success. Gradually, as the 1990s progressed, more and more people discovered the simple beauty of the service. Once it hit a “critical mass” of users, its popularity rocketed, and it went on to become one of the most profitable technical services ever invented.


Now, 25 years on, SMS continues to be a vital service for both operators and subscribers. Its features have been imitated and enhanced by apps like Whatsapp and Messenger, but the role of SMS as a single universal messaging channel remains unchallenged. Because of this unique position, the popularity of SMS for “A2P” services continues to grow. Supported by the ultra-modern NFV architecture, and internet-age business processes like DevOps, the future of SMS seems assured. Overtime, SMS will gradually be replaced by RCS as the universal profile makes suitable clients accessible to everyone. Until then, we can all continue to enjoy and benefit from this simplest but cleverest of mobile services. Happy Birthday!


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