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Messaging Challenges

Mobile network operators (MNOs) face the formidable task of shaping the future while ensuring the satisfaction of their subscribers in the present

This is a challenge of immense proportions, and it should not be underestimated. The traditional SMS legacy systems are no longer suitable for their intended purpose. They lack integration, are difficult to manage, and come with high costs. Nevertheless, there are viable solutions available to address these issues.

The fundamental messaging infrastructure of many MNOs is not adequately prepared for the advent of 5G, the Internet of Things (IoT), Application-to-Person (A2P) messaging, and the potential revenue opportunities that lie within these advancements. SMS finds itself in a fierce competition with over-the-top (OTT) providers, striving to establish itself as the premier communication method for the next few decades. With Openmind Networks, MNOs can have the confidence that they possess the necessary solutions to overcome these challenges and seize the opportunities that await them.

Open Core Solutions


Unlock the Full Potential of 5G Messaging.

Welcome to the future of messaging capabilities with Openmind’s SMSF, built on the remarkable power of Traffic Control 6000. Say goodbye to limitations and embrace the vast opportunities of 5G messaging. With our cutting-edge solution, you can confidently navigate the ever-evolving landscape of messaging architecture, ensuring that your business is equipped to handle any challenge that comes its way.


Enjoy the latest messaging infrastructure from our DevOps experts

Get quarterly releases of cutting-edge messaging software, eliminating concerns about outdated systems, software patches, end-of-life issues, and procurement headaches. Now you can rely on the world’s best messaging engineers always-on and working to propel your business forward.


Experience the power of best-in-class messaging systems and unparalleled support with Openmind

We ensure fast, reliable, and robust messaging systems that guarantee zero downtime. Our scalable and elastic platform effortlessly handles any surge in traffic from business customers. Trust Openmind to handle everything you throw at it, empowering your organization with the tools it needs to excel.


Simplify your messaging ecosystem

Our consolidated platform allows you to effortlessly operate your messaging centres, SMS Firewall, App Router, IPSM Gatewayand much more, eliminating the need for multiple applications and vendors. Say goodbye to juggling multiple platforms and embrace the simplicity and efficiency of TC6000.

Smart Routing

Intelligent design in your network is paramount

With billions of messages floing through your network every week Openmind’s Application Router ensures they always find the most cost-effective and suitable route, optimizing efficiency and reducing expenses. Additionally, leverage our AI-powered fraud prevention solutions for intelligent protection of your revenue and subscribers. With Openmind, you can rest assured that your messaging ecosystem is equipped with the smartest tools for optimal performance and security.

Fraud and Cybersecurity Challenges

Mobile network operators have a pervasive and damaging problem of cybersecurity that they have to deal with for their customers.

Fraudsters targeting subscribers with Smishing scams have become a headache for everyone in the ecosystem. The damage being done to private citizen is significant in terms of monies lost and emotional impact.

However, the messaging infrastructure is also suffering reputational damage as people become increasingly suspicious of messaging as a form of communication.

For operators there are also a range of fraud issues that impact their revenue streams including grey routes, SIM farms, Artificially Inflated Traffic and IPRN fraud. These bad actors abusing the operator’s network are stealing revenue that is rightfully the operators and they are undermining the integrity of the messaging infrastructure that operators should control.

Open Protect Solutions

Smart Services

Our platform employs intelligent algorithms to detect and block smishing attacks targeting mobile network users. By analyzing text messages and monitoring for suspicious patterns and content, we proactively identify and mitigate potential smishing threats in real-time. Protect your customers from phishing attempts and ensure their trust in your network’s security.

SIM Box detection

With our SIM Box detection capability, we empower mobile network operators to tackle the issue of fraudulent activities involving SIM boxes. By leveraging sophisticated analytics and machine learning techniques, our platform detects and flags SIM boxes that are being used to bypass legitimate network routes, resulting in revenue losses. Stay one step ahead of bad actors, safeguard your revenue streams, and protect your network’s integrity.

Smart Routing

Prevent revenue losses and maintain a secure network environment for your customers with our International Premium Rate Number (IPRN) detection capability. We help mobile network operators identify and block fraudulent activities involving premium rate numbers. Our platform constantly monitors call traffic, identifying suspicious patterns and preventing unauthorized IPRN usage.

Smishing Detection Service

With our robust SMS spoofing detection capability, we analyze message headers, content, and sender behavior to identify suspicious patterns and flag potential spoofed messages. By proactively detecting and blocking spoofed SMS, we help mobile network operators protect their customers, maintain the integrity of their messaging services, and enhance overall security. Prevent fraudulent activities and safeguard user trust with our SMS spoofing detection capability.

Sim Box Detection

Openmind incorporates advanced algorithms to identify and combat Artificially Inflated Traffic (AIT) refers to fraudulent activities where SMS volumes – specifically OTP and other A2P – are artificially inflated to manipulate billing systems or gain unauthorized benefits. By analyzing messaging metadata, traffic patterns, and usage data, our platform can accurately detect AIT, enabling mobile network operators to prevent revenue losses, protect their network integrity, ensure fair billing for customers and protect their reputation.

Business Communication Challenges

Mobile network operators have, until now, been excluded from the real revenue potential of business messaging.

Aggregators and others have been more successful in packaging messaging solutions for Enterprises. As a result, they have been the ones to capture the revenue at the top of the value chain. Let’s be clear business messaging and CPaaS are built on the messaging networks of operators so now is the find an Enterprise communication offering that operators can sell directly to their Enterprise subscribers.

Powerful delivery and user friendly interface. The business messaging system requires a robust and complex routing engine. It also requires a user friendly interface for the Enterprises. This mix of infrastructural power and usable UI has not been easy to develop up until now. Enhance your network’s capabilities, attract new enterprise customers, and drive revenue growth with our proven solutions.

Open Communicate Solutions

Mobile Engagement Platform

Our advanced messaging routing solution takes the complexity out of managing message delivery across Telco networks. With intelligent traffic management, real-time network monitoring, and scalable infrastructure, you can ensure optimized message routing, improved performance, and reliable delivery. Say goodbye to bottlenecks and hello to efficient and streamlined messaging operations.


With our SIM Box detection capability, we empower mobile network operators to tackle the issue of fraudulent activities involving SIM boxes. By leveraging sophisticated analytics and machine learning techniques, our platform detects and flags SIM boxes that are being used to bypass legitimate network routes, resulting in revenue losses. Stay one step ahead of bad actors, safeguard your revenue streams, and protect your network’s integrity.

Flow builder

Openmind Networks’ Engage platform is the ultimate solution for enterprise communication. MNOs can leverage Engage to offer their enterprise customers a robust set of messaging APIs, empowering them to engage with their customers in real-time. Engage supports multichannel messaging, two-factor authentication (2FA) for enhanced security, customizable message routing rules, and rich media messaging capabilities. Furthermore, the platform provides real-time analytics and reporting, enabling enterprises to optimize their communication strategies and gain valuable insights.
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