Traffic Control Platform

Traffic Control is the base platform for all the messaging solutions we provide to Mobile and Wholesale Operators. Its consolidated flexible architecture means that it can implement multiple network functions in a single installation, providing huge cost-savings to host operators while simplifying the task of managing the network. Our latest version, Traffic Control 6000, is designed as a cloud-native application optimised for use on NFV and other virtual server architectures.


Openmind’s SMSC was chosen as the best product on the market by leading operators around the world. Our uniquely flexible and configurable system gives operators complete control over how they manage, route and charge different types of messaging services on the network. Learn why 45 mobile operators around the world rely on our SMSC for their core messaging services.

Messaging Hubs

Openmind’s SMS and MMS Hub Products are used by the world’s leading Hubbing Service providers to implement their messaging termination services. The 6th generation of our Messaging Hub Product is now being deployed and offers unrivalled routing and message handling capabilities that cannot be replicated by bespoke solutions.


Use of Multi-Media Messaging (MMS) is on the rise both as a person-to-person (P2P) messaging channel for large text messages, and as a bearer of rich content sent from Enterprises to Customers. MMS is a fallback solution in the migration path to RCS, and increased use of MMS can be expected in the future. Openmind’s MMSC is a highly-scalable, flexible solution that can be deployed as a centralised solution for a group of mobile network operators.

USSD Gateway

Mobile Operators across the world continue to rely on USSD to support a variety of services for their customers, both as a customer care platform and as a solution offered to Enterprises. USSD is a secure, simple and cost-effective way of implementing mobile transactions without the need for custom Apps. Openmind’s USSD Gateway


RCS is the future standard for mobile messaging, and operators have started to adopt the technology for both P2P and A2P messaging services. Openmind have added RCS capabilities to the Traffic Control platform for Mobile and Wholesale Operators, providing a seamless upgrade path for operators wishing to add RCS support in-network

4g Messaging

Openmind’s IP SM Gateway Product supports delivery of SMS messages on 4G LTE Networks. It can extend the functionality of an existing Openmind SMSC or can be deployed as a standalone solution

5g Messaging

Short Messages can be delivered on a 5G network using an additional SMS Function (SMSF). SMS will continue to play an important role in providing key notifications to subscribers, and in enabling a variety of M2M/IoT applications. Openmind has extended the Traffic Control platform to support 5G messaging solutions, future-proofing digital messaging for our customers and their subscribers.