Engage Platform

Engage gives Operators the opportunity to sell a range of new services to Enterprise customers. Previously, only Aggregators could provide user-friendly GUIs and APIs to Enterprises. Now, with Engage, Operators can sell directly to high value Enterprise customers. The Digital Transformation of many industries is driving the use of mobile messaging channels for advertisement, customer care, m-commerce and authentication purposes. Engage provides a 2-way multi-channel platform that gives Enterprises direct, secure and reliable access to the mobile network for message terminations.

Bulk Messaging

The Bulk Messaging feature on Engage allows Enterprise customers to bulk send the same content to a list of customers from their contact database. Enterprises can maintain different lists on the platform for Bulk Deliveries. Engage will manage the delivery of the bulk messages in a controlled manner via the operator’s SMSC, to prevent congestion and comply with network policies.

Campaign Management

The Campaign Management feature allows Enterprises to build and schedule an advertising campaign across different channels with different content targeting segments of their customer base. The Campaign Workflow allows managers to oversee and approve expenditure on messaging deliveries on the network.

Emergency Broadcasts

Engage can be offered to Governmental agencies to run information campaigns and to broadcast alerts in the event of emergencies. Text messaging is being used by the World Health Organization to broadcast Covid-19 related information to billions of people around the world.

Targeted Messaging

Engage can be integrated with a Location Platform in a mobile network to allow Enterprises to target subscribers based on their location. It can also be integrated with an Operator’s CRM system to allow targeting by Profile. The combination of Location and Profile targeting is hugely valuable and allows Enterprises to focus their content on specific customer segments.

Rich Content Delivery

Engage supports a rich content builder, allowing multimedia information as part of Bulk Messaging deliveries or Campaigns. Multimedia digital messaging channels, such as RCS and MMS, allow Enterprises to provide a rich-content experience to customers.

Self-Sign On

Self-Sign On functionality allows Operators to target the ‘long tail’ of SME customers. Enterprises have access to a web page that they use to subscriber to the service and select options they require to target their consumers.