Mobile Operators Should Embrace IP Communications

by Cathal Fitzpatrick | 13th August 2012

Beat them at their Own Game

Independent Research Firm and Openmind Networks urge Mobile Operators to adopt IP Comm Strategy in bid to stem revenue loss.

Dublin, Ireland, August 13th, 2012 Openmind Networks ( a seasoned player within the telecoms messaging industry, with over 120 system installations worldwide, today commented on the ever growing App ecosystem and its relevancy for mobile operators in light of a recent report issued by a leading independent research firm.

Smartphone adoption has fuelled data revenue for mobile operators, but many are feeling the pain elsewhere with significant declines in Voice and Messaging revenues being readily reported. Furthermore, customers are changing how they communicate and increasingly expect richer features such as presence, location-based interaction, file transfer and video. The blame is being somewhat apportioned to the rise of third party IP based communication Apps who are providing a community service of IP communications, centred on voice, messaging and video.

CEO, Alex Duncan commented; “With consumers now comfortable with using one or many Apps for some of their communication needs, it is time that mobile operators harness these adoption rates and launch their own branded Apps for a variety of purposes – sending/receiving messages, making/receiving voice and video calls together with group messaging. Not only does it mean that operators can extend their brand into the App ecosystem, it also offers a highly relevant service for the consumer by their trusted Service Provider.” In time, it offers a platform for future innovation delivery such as set top boxes and TV video and call services.

Openmind is at the forefront of IP Communication, with the combined functionality of the Portico product now available as discrete Smartphone Apps – offering a range of functionality across voice, messaging and video.

This leading position is attested by leading industry analysts at Yankee Group Research Inc., who recently reported that Openmind will emerge as a winner in the IP space.

The report, entitled ‘Mobile Operators Should Embrace IP Communications’, June 2012, stated that the OTT communication battle will also produce casualties, including ‘MNOs that fail to address the IP communications issue, and that will be doomed to watch their traditional revenue bases dwindle in the coming years’. This report is available here: Mobile Operators Should Embrace IP Communications.

Launching a suite of branded Apps can be swiftly executed, providing a runway for more innovative Apps in the long run and ultimately safe-guards revenues for the future.

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