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What is Open Communicate?

Open Communicate is a suite of products that help Enterprises to meet the demands of modern business to customer communications.

Our Cloud native and on-prem solutions offer businesses an Omnichannel platform that controls messaging for a variety of use cases including marketing, customer service and user authentication. Delivered by simple user interface with intuitive campaign building capabilities Open Communicate offers the messaging tools that businesses need to grow their communication channels and unlock revenue potential.

Open Communicate

Engage CPaaS

Engage allows Operators to offer rich messaging services direct to Enterprise customers, creating a valuable new revenue stream.

With Engage, Operators can compete for high-value Enterprise messaging business, and differentiate on the basis of the performance, security and reliability of the service they offer. Engage supports 2-way Omnichannel messaging, and provides both campaign management and transactional messaging features.

Engage for Wholesalers and Aggregators

Engage can also be used by Wholesalers and Aggregators as a complete Mobile Engagement and A2P solution.

It provides a comprehensive set of access protocols and GUIs for all manner of Enterprise messaging applications. The solution supports both 1-to-1 and 1-to-Many A2P uses-cases and allows you to apply different controls including multi-tenant licences. Mobile originated messaging is also supported, and such traffic can be routed to the appropriate destination based on keyword content or short codes.

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Flowbuilder GUI

Openmind’s advanced FlowBuilder feature provides Enterprises with the ability to create interactive conversations with their customers.

FlowBuilder’s ‘drag and drop’ GUI makes it easy to wire together user journeys. If you can draw it your can create your unique workflows for customer support, marketing comms and alert or security use cases.


A cloud-native messaging platform with telco grade messaging infrastructure. Delivered as a PaaS offering you can easily scale up or down your messaging capability to meet peak demands

Our API-first architecture makes integrating messaging into business applications a breeze. With our real-time Margin Analysis you can maximise your margins by leveraging real-time route pricing data to choose the most cost effective routes.

Open Insight

The Messaging Analytics and Reporting Function provides web-based Reports and Dashboards that are intuitive and interactive.

Operators can use the function to gain insights into messaging activity on the network and to audit interconnect volumes and messages received from aggregators and wholesale suppliers.

Setting up Open Communicate
in 3 simple steps

We will assess your existing systems

to understand the product and service configuration you need

We will design your Traffic Control 6000 configuration

and work with you to get it to approval stage

We will guide and support your implementation

so you have total peace of mind and can focus on generating revenue from your messaging system

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Happy businesswoman laughing while leading a meeting with her colleagues. Group of diverse businesspeople working together in a modern workplace.
Happy businesswoman laughing while leading a meeting with her colleagues. Group of diverse businesspeople working together in a modern workplace.