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What are Smart Services?

Smart Services is a unique product and service offering available to network operators that wish to protect their networks from revenue leakage and fraud.

It incorporates smishing detection, Sim Box detection, Grey Routes identification and IPRN fraud prevention. This is a managed detection service run by our expert team.

Open Protect

SIM Box Detection

The SIM Box Detection Service uses our neural network technology to identify SIM Box devices active on the network.

In addition to identifying messages sent from SIM Boxes, we also classify those messages in accordance with A2P message type including 2FA, Targeted Adverts, Financial Information, Spam and more. SIM Box Detection allows operators to protect their A2P business as well as controlling Spam messages sent to subscribers.

Smishing Detection Service

Smishing attacks are increasing worldwide and are undermining consumer trust in mobile messaging services.

Openmind’s Smishing Detection Service employs a variety of tools and techniques to detect and block Smishing attacks as soon as they happen. Speed of reaction is a critical factor, and we help our customers to stop Smishing before their network or subscribers are negatively impacted.

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Smart Routing

Smart Routing provides more intelligent routing and message handling capabilities.

Smart Control uses machine learning and neural network technology to apply a classification ‘tag’ to all incoming messages to identify its contents. The Openmind Traffic Control SMS Hub can make an intelligent routing decision based on precise knowledge of the content. Tags can be tailored to specific requirements. Openmind model your portfolio of messaging services and implement the necessary rules to control each service in the network.

International Premium Rate Number (IPRN) Fraud Prevention

Openmind uses our machine learning and advanced monitoring technology to detect IPRN Fraud.

The technology uses profiling functionality to identify suspect international numbers as soon as they start receiving messages. Numbers can be automatically added to an IPRN Blacklist, or numbers can be passed to the Operator’s Revenue Assurance or Fraud Management teams for direct approval.

Open Insight

The Messaging Analytics and Reporting Function provides web-based Reports and Dashboards that are intuitive and interactive.

Operators can use the function to gain insights into messaging activity on the network and to audit interconnect volumes and messages received from aggregators and wholesale suppliers.

Setting up Open Protect
in 3 simple steps

We will assess your existing systems

to understand the product and service configuration you need

We will design your Traffic Control 6000 configuration

and work with you to get it to approval stage

We will guide and support your implementation

so you have total peace of mind and can focus on generating revenue from your messaging system

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Happy businesswoman laughing while leading a meeting with her colleagues. Group of diverse businesspeople working together in a modern workplace.
Happy businesswoman laughing while leading a meeting with her colleagues. Group of diverse businesspeople working together in a modern workplace.