Openmind Consolidates Messaging Market Advances with Polish Operator Play

by Cathal Fitzpatrick | 10th February 2011

Dublin, Ireland, February 10th – Polish Mobile Network provider Play (P4 Sp z o.o.) has selected Openmind Networks to implement its strategy of consolidating various network functions into a single multi-purpose messaging engine. In a significant deal announced today by CEO Alex Duncan, Openmind has been chosen to provide SMSC and USSD Gateway platforms at Play, while also adding new functionalities to help P4 significantly cut costs on its interconnect services.

In recent years, Openmind has won a growing share of the European SMSC market with its promise of significant cost savings and greater network efficiencies. Play was the first multimedia mobile operator in Poland and it has seen its subscriber base rise rapidly to over 5 million subscribers.

“Traffic Control fulfils a number of roles in the P4 network”, adds Duncan, “It implements an advanced SMSC and USSD Gateway, and it provides a platform for the enhanced routing of messages based on personalized settings determined by each subscriber. This consolidation of features gives P4 incredible efficiencies and allows them to provide services that would previously have been impossible both technically and from an investment perspective”.

“We have built our competitive strategy around hiring highly competent staff, building efficient infrastructure, and optimizing our costs”, said Andrzej Mi?kowski, Director of Network Planning and System Engineering at Play. “Our decision to work with Openmind perfectly mirrors this: Openmind are renowned for their competence and expertise in messaging, and their consolidated architecture has allowed us to build greater efficiencies into our network which fits perfectly into our focus on cost optimization and fast deployment of new services”.

“Openmind has emerged as the leading challenger-brand that has brought new ideas and energy to the messaging products”, adds Mr. Mi?kowski. “P4 is the leading challenger in Polish market, and together we are bringing value and innovation to mobile subscribers in Poland”.

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