Openmind Networks has signed 20 mobile operators to deploy a fully NFV orchestrated Mobile Messaging Platform.

by Cathal Fitzpatrick | 11th September 2017

Monday 11th September, 2017, Dublin, Ireland:

Openmind Networks has recently signed contracts with twenty Mobile Operators to deploy completely NFV-compliant mobile messaging platforms across Europe, Africa and Asia. Openmind Networks’ Traffic Control 6000 has been specifically engineered to operate in an NFV environment enabling seamless orchestration and management capabilities which ensures operators can maximize their NFV investments.

With its newest platform, Traffic Control 6000 (TC6000), Openmind Networks is again proving its leadership and its unique capability to provide leading messaging technologies to the ever-changing mobile operator environment.

Mobile Operators are choosing Openmind over other vendors, because unlike other key players in the market, Openmind is the only company in the world that developed an entirely new NFV-compliant platform. Using the latest technologies Openmind has transformed its messaging platform to be flexible, scalable, and has automated the upgrade and management processes using containerisation.
This redesign is unique in the messaging space, and brings advancements as other vendors struggle to modernise their out-dated messaging platforms.
The flexibility of Openmind’s solution means that operators can easily configure, integrate and launch new services and features without long project lead times.

Mobile Operators are choosing TC6000 for their NFV deployments because by integrating to the NFV orchestration layer, the messaging solution can automatically scale-out, and scale-in depending on the number of messages processed by the system. This allows operators to better manage the use of their hardware during peaks and troughs of traffic load, and it allows the messaging software to be co-located on servers with other applications.

Alex Duncan, CEO of Openmind Networks explained that “Another enhancement is that our solution provides automatic software updates to our systems, so that our customers are always on the latest version of software. This allows them to easily introduce new functionality at any time and they are responding well to that flexibility.”

Traffic Control 6000, with its micro-services architecture, implements core network platforms such as SMSCs, MMSCs, USSD Gateways and RCS Application Servers as Virtual Network Functions in an NFV architecture. The platform supports both SS7 and IP-based messaging services, and provides value-added capabilities such as SMS and SS7 Firewalls and advanced Enterprise (A2P) Messaging Gateways.

These architectural and functionality changes enable operators to introduce new business models based on SaaS and MaaP (Messaging-as-a-Platform).

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