Openmind Stress the Importance of Selecting a Messaging Vendor when Building your IP Messaging Network

by Cathal Fitzpatrick | 29th January 2013

Openmind ( has now emerged as one of the world’s leading vendors of messaging solutions who has commanded a leading position in the area of RCS and IMS based messaging solutions.  For the mobile operator, the transition to IP will introduce new technology and use cases to their messaging network.  There are many facets of messaging that make it sufficiently distinct from other parts of the IMS core, which justifies investment in a specialized solution from an experienced messaging vendor.

Openmind, with its long heritage in messaging, is the ideal partner to guide operators through this transition. The company has recently published a White Paper that contests that Messaging is not a core competence of IMS core vendors and they are assuming that a basic ‘vanilla’ offering will be sufficient to meet operator needs in this area.  According to its author, Cathal Fitzpatrick, “Using a vanilla messaging component provided as a “tick-the-box” option by an IMS-core vendor will ultimately prove to be false economy. It will limit the Mobile Operators’ ability to launch more advanced IP messaging services, and will cost more money in the long run as they will inevitably replace it with a dedicated messaging solution designed to meet all of the mobile operator’s needs”.  The White Paper addresses:

–       Why is there a clear need for Specialist Messaging Providers?

–       How to eliminate unnecessary complexity and functional duplication in your network

Openmind will present this case at the IMS World Forum, ( stressing the prudence of selecting a Messaging Vendor to help guide the mobile operator through the transition to IP messaging.

About Openmind

Openmind has been enriching the messaging industry of over 10 years, providing leading messaging solutions to a range of customers – Mobile and Inter Carrier Operators as well as Social Media/Internet based Communication providers.  Traffic Control is a highly flexible and scalable platform, deployed in over 130 installations worldwide.  It comprises an SMSC, MMSC, IP SM GW, RCS Messaging Application Server, USSD, Content Gateway, Anti-Spam Filter, Message Personalization Server, Missed Call Notification and FDA Router.   Our IP Messaging Solution, Access, is an extension to the Traffic Control 4000 product and provides a fully consolidated solution for all IP messaging requirements.   Visit

The Whitepaper is available at

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