Mobile Operators handle billions of messaging transactions every day, but how can they be sure that all these transactions are charged at the appropriate rate?

They need to be sure that investments made in quality coverage and infrastructure generate an appropriate return for their businesses. As Operators transition from “dumb pipe” communication services providers to “smart pipe” digital services providers, they also need to be sure that they are capturing the true value in all the activity that takes place on their networks.

Openmind Networks’ Brian Kelly (CTO) and Cathal Fitzpatrick (Head of Technology) have presented a webinar on to explain how our recently-launched Smart Control service allows us to automatically categorize all messaging traffic on a network so that it can be controlled and charged for appropriately. It uses Machine Learning and Neural Network technology to distinguish between A2P and P2P messages, and within A2P, to distinguish between the types of application message being carried based on content and source. Proper Smart Control will allow allow our customers to eliminate revenue losses caused by Grey Routes and SIM BOX activity, and thus create an environment where investments in new A2P services can generate a real return for the host operator.

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