International Premium Rate Number Fraud and Messaging

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IPRN SMS FraudWhy read our Detection and Blocking Service Description?

International Premium Rate Number (IPRN) SMS Fraud is an increasing problem for worldwide operators. It occurs when text messages are fraudulently driven to premium rate international numbers. Subscribers impacted by the problem can experience bill shock or have their prepaid balance eroded, and operators experience increased international termination costs. As the rollout of 4G and 5G M2M SIMs increases, this problem is only getting worse.

While most operators are aware of revenue share fraud using voice calls (i.e., Wangiri or by PBX Hacking), many overlook the vulnerability of their messaging services to this type of fraud. In recent audits of mobile operators, Openmind Networks have seen that this type of traffic can represent between 5% and 10% of the total international message volumes, resulting in massive international termination fee costs.

Openmind uses machine learning and advanced monitoring technology to detect SMS Fraud. Our technology uses profiling functionality to identify suspect international numbers as soon as they start receiving messages. This real-time solution allows us to detect fraud before it is too late to prevent revenue loss.

Read our white paper to learn how IPRN SMS Fraud occurs, its impact on operators and their subscribers, and Openmind’s real-time solution to detect and stop it.

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