Smart 4-Step Process to Tackle Messaging Fraud

Smart 4-Step Process to Tackle Messaging Fraud

Many Telco Operators know that they have issues with SMS SpamFraud and Mobile Messaging Revenue Leakage. However, many struggle to find ways to quantify the problems, and identify necessary counter-measures to grow revenues.

Openmind Networks has developed a simple 4-step process that provides operators all the information they require to build a business case for tackling problems that impact the bottom-line profitability of their messaging services.

We provide Operators with the data and tools necessary to implement the monetisation policy that is best for them, ensuring they maximise revenues and margin from the services that they offer.

Learn about:

  • Openmind’s Smart 4-Step Process to Boost Revenues by Tackling SMS Fraud and Spam
  • How we help Operators Identify and Block Revenue Leakage


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