Openmind’s Smart Services Portfolio 2021

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Smart Services Portfolio

Why read our Smart Services Portfolio?

Messaging Fraud is a serious issue that can directly impact network operators and mobile subscribers. It can lead to immediate financial loss, as well as loss of privacy and sensitive information. Fraud takes many forms, and Openmind have developed a suite of services that allow our customers to detect and block these frauds before they cause extensive damage.

Openmind’s advanced services to stop Messaging Fraud and Revenue Leakage on mobile networks, combine Machine Learning and Neural Networks technology with Consultancy from our experts. Our list of ‘Smart Services’ include:

1. SMS Firewall Management
2. International A2P Revenue Assurance
3. IPRN SMS Fraud Detection Service
4. SIMBOX Detection Service
5. Messaging Analytics and Reporting
6. Smishing Detection Service
7. Margin Management

Information Contained in this Document:

  • Description of the Smart Services offered by Openmind to customers
  • Overall Service Design
  • Service Stream/Business Process Flow for each service
  • SLA for each service

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