Securing the Future of Messaging

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Securing the Future of Messaging

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From e-shopping delivery notifications to important health updates, we’ve been using SMS like never before. Our increased reliance however, did not go unnoticed. As waves of the pandemic spread round the globe, so too did waves of attacks by fraudsters and hackers who exploited our trust in the security of SMS to spread malware and software viruses onto our mobile devices, and reach into our bank accounts.

SMS-based attacks via ‘Smishing’ became major news stories on TV and print media. Volumes of fraudulent revenue share SMS traffic generated by Malware also rose steeply this year. Every time we audit an operator we find it, and it can account for up to 10% of message volumes delivered internationally.

Left unchecked, the cumulative impact of these attacks will seriously damage the usefulness of SMS as a communications channel for enterprises, and as a business for operators. The messaging industry needs to take immediate steps to improve the security of the SMS channel in order to preserve its usefulness in the future.

Openmind Networks provides the platforms and services operators need to restore control and trust to the SMS service. Read our white paper to learn more.

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