Protect Revenues using Machine Learning

Our powerful Machine Learning technology Smart Control underpins a suite of services that will help you you uncover revenue leakage and fraud in your network. Our expert team will help you exploit the technology and bring real, measurable outcomes that will allow you to grow your messaging business.

Grow your Margins

Our Machine Learning technology also helps Wholesale Operators and Hub Providers grow margin from their messaging services by ensuring that high value messages are given priority treatment and routed by the best possible routes. It enables the creation of tiered-service levels using tiered-pricing for messaging. Enterprise customers can choose between higher-cost, higher-quality service for premium traffic, and lower-cost services for messages of lesser importance.

Messaging Analytics Reporting Service

A detailed understanding of messaging traffic using your network is an essential part of any revenue growth strategy. Our Services Team will provide you with detailed insights into your messaging business via curated reports and dashboards that allow you to see exactly what is happening on your network.