How we Protect your Subscribers

The security of your subscribers is our number one priority. We understand that the trust subscribers place in mobile messaging services is key to future use of these services as a valuable communications channel between Enterprises and their Customers. We offer a range of services to our customers to ensure SMS Firewalls are properly configured and maintained, and we use our latest innovations and technology to detect messaging-based attacks on subscribers via Smishing and Malware.

Openmind’s SMS Firewall

35 Messaging Service Providers rely on Openmind’s Protect SMS Firewall to defend their subscribers from spam and fraud attacks. Protect’s uniquely flexible rules-engine can be used to implement comprehensive protection rules that can detect and block all types of attacks.

Firewall Managed Service

SMS Firewalls need to be updated regularly to deal with changing attack profiles from spammers. Openmind’s Managed Services team is available to help you maintain your Firewall in optimum condition to repel attacks.

Smishing Detection Service

Our Smishing Detection Service protects subscribers from the threat of fraudulent URLs contained in ‘smishing’ messages. We apply machine learning technology and our expert analytics capabilities to uncovering Smishing attacks before the impact the network and subscribers. Smishing is an increasing problem as fraudsters exploit COVID-19 related anxieties to target subscribers with realistic messages and links.