Stop Smishing Now

Smishing attacks, of which FluBot has been the most widely publicised,  are increasing in prevalence around the world, and are undermining subscriber confidence in A2P messaging services. If Mobile Operators fail to take immediate steps to stop these attacks, there is a real risk that the lucrative A2P messaging market will completely collapse.

Smishing Prevention Service

Our Smishing Detection Service protects subscribers from the threat of fraudulent URLs contained in ‘smishing’ messages. We apply Machine Learning technology and our expert analytics capabilities to uncovering Smishing attacks before the impact the network and subscribers. Smishing is an increasing problem as fraudsters exploit COVID-19 related anxieties to target subscribers with realistic messages and links.

Works with your SMS Firewall

Openmind’s Smishing Prevention Service can work with most modern SMS Firewalls to introduce more intelligent Smishing blocking capabilities without requiring a major overhaul to your messaging network. In this way you can move to block the attacks as soon as possible.

Privacy Protection

Protecting your subscriber’s privacy is our number one priority. Our Smishing Prevention service is designed to stop attacks on fraud subscribers while remaining compliant with national and international privacy regulations. 

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