The Ideal Messaging App. Alex Duncan, CEO of Openmind, shares his thoughts with Telco-OTT Today

by Cathal Fitzpatrick | 22nd August 2014

What functions make the perfect OTT messaging app?

At the start of August augmented reality messaging app Traces launched. Thanks to a neat USP of linking location with augmented reality to ‘gift’ people with digital content, Traces gained some high profile media traction which in the world of messaging apps is always tricky. The next trick will be convincing consumers that even though they didn’t know they needed this function, it’s actually quite compelling and they should download the app and start leaving traces all over their places.

There are thousands of messaging apps and for a developer to stand out from the crowd, let alone to compete with the all-powerful WhatsApp, they need to offer something unique. The unique thing they offer tends to be something the average user might not consider important… yet. Snapchat being a prime example of run-away success whose USP is counter-intuitively valued – why would you want messages to vanish?

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