What Google’s Acquisition of Jibe Mobile means for RCS

by Cathal Fitzpatrick | 5th October 2015

Alex Duncan and the team at Openmind Networks are delighted to see that Google has acquired Jibe Mobile. We are specifically delighted for the Jibe management and staff. They have worked tirelessly to bring RCS to market and deserve their just rewards. It has been interesting to read the various commentary around this announcement, stating both the end of RCS and indeed the start of it.

The industry seems quite polar on what this means and only Google really knows as the rest of us speculate from the outside.

Alex Duncan, CEO at Openmind Networks, sees this as a positive thing; “Openmind Networks have been calling for native handset support for RCS for many years now and as we roll our RCS and IP-SM-GW systems we have been very vocal in instructing our customers to find single native handset clients with embedded SMS/MMS/USSD together with RCS enabled features of Chat, Group Chat, presence etc.

With Google now having this as part of its clients arsenal and being able to release native RCS in conjunction with all other messaging forms in the same handset client software will, without doubt, accelerate RCS deployments globally and ensure that RCS will become the de facto and default IP communications stack for operators globally.”

We are very excited about our past vision for RCS and indeed our multiple investments into RCS. Openmind were the first European Vendor to achieve GSMA Accreditation.

Roll on RCS as the only option available for ubiquitous IP communications globally. Well done to the Jibe team for being part of something that will transform our industry to all-IP more rapidly because of this acquisition.

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