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Our Employee Spotlight series takes you behind the scenes to learn more about the amazing individuals who make Openmind Networks thrive.

In this blog post, we’re shining the spotlight on Kavita Yadav, Service Delivery Lead at Openmind Networks. Join us as we delve into Kavita’s daily life, discover what motivates her, and get a glimpse into the unique role she plays at Openmind Networks.

At Openmind Networks, I’m a part of both the Smishing and Service Operations teams. My day begins by reviewing our queue of cases, prioritizing any ‘service impacting’ or high-priority cases, and checking for any necessary handovers from our Emergency Support Team.

Next, I join our daily standup meeting. This is where we outline our priorities for the week, discuss customer escalations, sales opportunities, and any important requests from customers. Openmind Networks is a global company, with team members in different locations, so these meetings are crucial to ensure we are all on the same page.

After the stand-up, I hold meetings with our technical team to assign new cases, discuss ongoing operations with our VIP customers, and plan & assign our resources. The most critical part of my day is triaging customer cases, ensuring each is properly categorized, progressing appropriately, and aligned with our customers’ timelines.

I love my role because it positions me at the heart of our technical operations. Openmind Networks is a product-focused, core technical company, and my job empowers our technical teams and customers.

I act as the main point of contact for high-priority customer needs, facilitating quick resolutions and providing updates. This responsibility allows me to ensure a delightful customer experience, making my role incredibly rewarding and exciting. Coordinating with both customers and internal teams gives me a unique and powerful position within the company.

“The trust within our team is exceptional. No one is ever alone in difficult situations; we work together towards a common mission.”

Kavita Yadav, Service Delivery Lead, Openmind Networks

Working remotely is a significant perk, especially when many are returning to offices. We have the freedom to choose between working from home or coming into the office.

The trust within our team is exceptional. No one is ever alone in difficult situations; we work together towards a common mission. This sense of togetherness extends across the entire company, from colleagues to leadership. Even our CEO knows each employee personally and understands our individual goals.

The enduring culture that our founders have built over the past twenty years is a cornerstone of Openmind Networks. Despite the inevitable changes in personnel, we still have team members and founders who have been here since the very beginning and our core values have remained intact. This continuity fosters a sense of pride and belonging among all employees.

Every day, we live by our values, creating success stories in collaboration with our customers. The strong technical community at Openmind Networks is a testament to our shared commitment to these values.

My favorite core value is “Evolve It.” In these uncertain times, the ability to constantly evolve is crucial. Openmind Networks encourages team members to suggest improvements and keeps pace with market trends. These suggestions are listened to by our senior management team and often implemented to great effect.

Seeing how the company has evolved over my two years here, and the clear roadmap for future growth, makes me feel aligned with our common goals.

If you want to work in a company where you are trusted, where you have the ability and the opportunity to grow, then this is the place for you.

If you join Openmind Networks, you’re guaranteed a great career, supported by a team that values and empowers each team member.

Dynamic. Collaborative. Rewarding.

If you’re inspired by Kavita’s story and are interested in becoming a part of our dynamic team, check out our Career’s Page for current opportunities. Stay tuned for more Employee Spotlights to meet other talented members of the Openmind Networks team.

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