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The recent news that an International police operation has succeeded for now in disrupting  the spread of the Flubot malware came as a huge relief to the SMS industry. The spring wave of Flubot hit hard across Europe with many millions of messages sent and thousands of subscribers infected.

While this is great progress in the fight against SMS Fraud, it does not mean that the battle is over. Unfortunately, the criminals behind Flubot remain at large, and other types of Malware such as Teabot and Tanglebot continue to spread around the world.

The pause in Flubot attacks does give Mobile Operators some breathing room to consider their next steps before the inevitable attacks begin again. Now is the time to ensure your network and subscribers are fully protected. We cannot be complacent and assume that the worst is now over.

Openmind Networks has a suite of services that enable Operators to detect and defeat the threat of  SMS Fraud. This year our solution protected Swiss subscribers from the most recent Flubot wave.

Learn how we can assist you as you prepare your network to repel the next phase of SMS Fraud attacks.

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