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Developing the Industry’s only fully NFV-Ready Messaging Platform

As we are approaching the half way mark into January, I want to take the opportunity to reflect on Openmind’s progress for 2018. We had a very busy year and the whole team worked hard to develop and deliver our messaging products, ensuring that Openmind continues to be the top messaging company in the industry today.

Traffic Control 6000 (NFV) Rollouts

In 2018 we took huge steps forward with Traffic Control 6000. We have delivered and put into service a fully consolidated NFV-compliant messaging platform for 5 customers in Europe (Switzerland and the Ukraine), Africa (Algeria) and Asia (Indonesia and Malaysia). Along with this we have completely changed how the telecom industry is approaching software delivery with our continuous delivery processes . Customers are amazed when they see our Rolling Update Procedure (RUP). This ensures that an entire messaging cluster in live operation can be updated with zero downtime. This capability provides huge savings for our customers. In the past updates would take days, or even weeks to plan and implement, while with Traffic Control 6000 we can do it all automatically (or auto-magically!) in a matter of hours. As we look forward into 2019 we will continue to evolve and improve our DevOps processes to provide seamless continuous updates for our customers, and bring more products onto the Traffic Control 6000 architecture.

Mobile Engagement

We have delivered and have put into service a new product, Engage, into one of our customers in Asia, and the first reactions from users has been very positive. Engage is an Enterprise-friendly, multi-channel Mobile Engagement Platform. The first delivery provides campaign management functionality for operators for their SMS and MMS channels. We will further extend the capabilities of Engage in 2019 with Target Customer Profiling, and Location Based Targeting which is what Enterprise customers are requesting from operators. By offering such services mobile operators can take control of their A2P messaging services and build new revenue streams.  Along with the Engage campaign management functionality we have developed Policy Control capabilities on Traffic Control 6000. This is functionality that has been requested multiple times by customers and will be a valuable addition to our suite of products.

Other Significant Developments

Other notable developments thin 2018 include the porting of our USSD Gateway and VDS (MMS legacy mailbox) to Traffic Control 6000 for NFV deployments. USSD was ported for a customer in Indonesia and includes a new module enabling flexible integrations to USSD applications. We also completed integration of a WAP Gateway into Traffic Control 6000. The WAP Gateway is used with our MMSC to allow older devices (WAP 1.x) to send and receive MMS messages. This is required for operators in developing markets who still need a WAP Proxy for MMS messaging.

For LTE networks we implemented a new capability which enables delivery of SMS messages via an MME. This was delivered for Customers in Australia and Singapore and can be used by any operator looking to deliver messaging on their LTE networks.

As we look to 2019 we have many new exciting developments on our roadmap. We will continue to develop our Engage Mobile Engagement Platform (MEP), and we are offering network protection to customers via our Smart Control proposition, which incorporates Protect with a machine learning application that we have also developed.

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