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Join Openmind Networks at ITW 2024 in Maryland, USA from May 15 – 17, 2024. Our team will be there throughout the week, and we invite you to schedule a meeting with our messaging experts to explore how our solutions can empower your messaging infrastructure.

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Elevate your ITW 2024 experience with a personalized meeting to discuss how Openmind Networks’ solutions align with your goals & objectives.

<strong>Paul Kavanagh</strong>

Paul Kavanagh

Chief Revenue Officer

Richard Lemmers, CCO, Openmind Networks

Richard Lemmers

Chief Commercial Officer

Hal Hampton, VP Sales, Openmind Networks

Hal Hampton

Vice President Sales

For over twenty years, Openmind Networks has spearheaded innovation within the messaging industry, driving conversations and shaping the future of communication. We are thrilled to once again participate in International Telecoms Week, this year held in Maryland, USA. Our team of messaging experts will be on the ground throughout the week, ready to delve into pivotal industry themes including RCS, rich business messaging, AI-driven fraud prevention, A2P monetization, and much more.

The spotlight in messaging is currently shining on RCS, especially with Apple’s imminent iOS 18 release poised to support RCS (and potentially RBM in future) messages on its devices. RCS is poised to revolutionize business messaging, presenting both challenges and opportunities for operators worldwide, with telcos actively seeking strategies to leverage this transition from SMS to RCS channels.

The proliferation of fraudulent activities within messaging networks demands robust solutions. As technology continues to advance, so too does the sophistication of bad actors. Operators and other ecosystem stakeholders are increasingly turning to automated solutions to fight fire with fire and keep their network and their subscribers & enterprise customers safe from fraud. Openmind Networks offers AI-driven managed services that enhance screening efficiency, easing the burden on operators while bolstering network security.

Google’s approach to A2P RCS message termination revenue differs significantly from other OTT players. By prioritizing operator revenue share and incentivizing compliance within the Google Jibe ecosystem, they’re reshaping the A2P landscape. However, challenges remain for operators in adopting RCS as a rich messaging solution for businesses. Operators need to invest in manpower and systems to handle the agent verification, billing and settlement. Added to this is the burden of message regulation that will most likely fall on operators to prevent fraud actors on this OTT infrastructure. Operators need to be strongly incentivized with revenue uplift in order to seriously engage with this model of message delivery. That potential does appear to be present but finding a pathway to it requires clear vision.

Exclusivity contracts with aggregators, while guaranteeing revenue for operators, often result in revenue leakage and suboptimal messaging practices. Operators are increasingly wary of these contracts, opting instead to invest in messaging hubs to directly manage A2P traffic. Though this approach may entail greater revenue uncertainty, it empowers operators to maintain network integrity and adapt to evolving brand preferences.

International Telecoms Week (ITW) is the world’s largest gathering of global executives from across the digital infrastructure ecosystem – the only event in the world where you can meet with the international connectivity market, from satellite to subsea, all in one place.

ITW provides an opportunity for industry leaders to network, explore collaborations, stay on the pulse of cutting-edge trends, and learn from expert speakers who will share their knowledge throughout the week.

ITW returns to the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center on 14 – 17 May 2024.

The Openmind Networks team looks forward to connecting with our fellow industry leaders at ITW 2024 to discuss the latest industry trends, developments and opportunities for collaboration. Click here to book your meeting slot.

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