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Wholesale Messaging Providers must leverage advanced solutions to maintain profitability and safeguard their operations.

At Openmind Networks, we provide tailored technical solutions and services for wholesale messaging providers, specifically focusing on intelligent, content-based routing for SMS Hub traffic. Our Smart Routing solution helps wholesale providers maximize their profit margins by optimizing the use of high-quality routes.

SMS Hubs manage a variety of traffic types, including A2P and P2P messages. The main challenge is the lack of control and visibility in managing this diverse traffic. Different delivery routes come with varying costs, making it crucial to carefully choose the right routes.

Without our service, providers struggle to validate A2P versus P2P traffic upon receipt and during onward routing. This can lead to increased costs and revenue risks due to potential route misuse.

By integrating our Smart Routing solution, wholesale providers can gain significant financial advantages.

Maximized Revenue: By validating and directing traffic through the most cost-effective routes, providers can ensure the best quality-to-price ratio.

Enhanced Visibility: The solution provides crucial information for better traffic management, allowing for transparency and control.

Hub Wholesalers generate revenue based on messaging traffic from various sources like MNOs, Enterprises, Aggregators, or other Wholesalers. This revenue depends on pricing models that differentiate between P2P and A2P traffic and further categorize different types of A2P traffic (e.g. advertisements, 2FA, digital engagement, commerce fulfilment, etc.)

Many Wholesalers lack robust systems to validate traffic types and categories, often relying on trust. This can lead to significant revenue loss as the inability to verify traffic type can Service Revenue.

Our Smart Routing service offers a robust validation capability, ensuring traffic received on different routes is correctly identified as P2P or A2P and categorized appropriately. This information is included in Wholesale Billing CDRs, enabling accurate billing and maximizing Service Revenue.

Once validated, traffic needs to be routed to its final destination via partners like MNOs, Aggregators, or other Wholesalers. Partners also use pricing models that differentiate based on traffic type and quality.

Without validation, Wholesalers might route traffic based on unverified types and categories, potentially incurring higher costs. Our Smart Routing service can validate traffic type and category in real-time, ensuring it is routed via the partner network at the lowest possible cost.

For example, in an Intercarrier Hub, Openmind Networks’ Smart Routing solution has successfully routed 182 million messages out of 4.5 billion processed messages. Within eight months, the service is expected to route over 200 million messages from approximately 5 billion processed, showcasing its efficiency and impact.

By adopting Openmind Networks’ Smart Routing solution, wholesale messaging providers can achieve both revenue maximization and cost minimzation, ensuring optimal performance and profitability in managing SMS Hub traffic.

Evolution and Impact of Smishing

Smishing attacks have been prevalent for many years, often perceived as a mere nuisance by operators and subscribers. However, the emergence of malware such as Flubot and Teabot, which spread via SMS, has highlighted the significant damage smishing attacks can inflict on both subscribers and networks.

Smishing messages can be sent from large accounts or aggregators, or from mobile devices infected with malware. Fraudsters continually adapt their tactics, altering both the attack methods and message content to deceive subscribers and evade detection by operators. These attacks can manifest as short, intense bursts of high-volume SMS or as prolonged, low-volume campaigns. To evade detection, fraudsters frequently change both the message content and the URLs used. Consequently, smishing poses a substantial challenge for mobile operators, incurring significant costs to mitigate its effects and threatening the security perception of the A2P messaging business.

Impact on Networks and Subscribers

Smishing attacks can have various detrimental effects on networks and subscribers.

Direct Financial Losses

For Networks:

  • International interconnect costs from messages sent abroad
  • High costs of cleaning up infected handsets
  • Potential reimbursement to subscribers for higher usage charges

For Subscribers:

  • Unauthorized access to bank accounts or credit card details
  • Additional charges on mobile accounts
  • Identity theft and loss of personal data
  • Malware infections on handsets

Operators face several obstacles in detecting and preventing smishing attacks:

  • Multiple Sources

    Smishing messages can originate from application-originated messages from aggregators, interconnect traffic from other operators, or mobile-originated messages from malware-infected devices or SIMBOX devices.

  • Authentic Appearance

    The protocols for processing application-originated messages lack proper authentication, allowing fraudsters to spoof known brands. Subscribers often receive messages that appear to be from familiar entities like Apple or financial institutions, and the messages, along with fraudulent websites accessed via smishing URLs, look genuine.

  • Trust in Mobile Messaging

    While consumers have become wary of email fraud, they generally still trust mobile messages, making smishing particularly effective. Smishing messages often have urgent or emotionally charged themes, such as imminent bank account lockout & package delivery alerts.

Openmind Networks offers operators a comprehensive solution for detecting and blocking smishing across all messaging interfaces. Understanding the rapid evolution of fraudulent attacks, Openmind Networks’ Smart Services approach ensures efficient detection and analysis of new smishing tactics.

Detection and Blocking

  • Immediate detection of attacks containing known smishing URLs, blocking campaigns at their source.
  • Advanced techniques to detect smishing using previously unknown URL domains.
  • Maintenance of a local database of URLs known for smishing, referenced by the SMS firewall to block suspicious messages.

Advanced Technology

  • Neural network software to automatically recognize smishing attacks by their spread patterns within the network.
  • Data analytics tools to identify and report smishing attacks, and to verify the authenticity of new URL domains.
  • Examination of potentially fraudulent SMS messages forwarded by subscribers to update the URL database with new threats.

By implementing these strategies, Openmind Networks provides a robust defense against smishing, safeguarding both networks and subscribers from the evolving threat landscape.

Smishing is an attack whereby SMS messages are sent containing fraudulent URLs. If a subscriber clicks on one of these URLs, they may unwittingly reveal bank or credit card details to a fraudster, or cause malware to be installed on their handsets. Smart Control enables the detection and ability to block messages containing fraudulent or malicious URLs.

Case Studies

European Carrier #1

At a single European carrier, Openmind Networks’ Carrier Smishing Protection will have blocked >30m smishing messages from ~1.7Bn texts screened.

European Carrier #2

At another carrier in the same jurisdiction, Openmind Networks’ Carrier Smishing Protection will have blocked >10m from ~1.1Bn texts screened.

Wholesale Messaging Providers must leverage advanced solutions to maintain profitability and safeguard their operations. Openmind Networks’ Smart Routing and Smishing Detection services provide robust tools for optimizing route quality, maximizing revenue, minimizing costs, and protecting against fraudulent activities. By adopting these intelligent solutions, operators can ensure efficient traffic management, enhance revenues, and reinforce their reputation for reliability and security.

To learn more about the topics covered in this article, or to discuss how Openmind Networks can help you navigate your routing challenges, please get in touch or contact our team of messaging experts online here.

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