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Unlock the secrets of SMS Hub traffic management as we showcase Openmind Networks’ Smart Routing Solution— a transformative force empowering Wholesale Messaging Providers with transparency and control.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the complexities of this challenge and introduce Openmind Networks’ Smart Routing solution – the beacon of innovation addressing the core issues faced by Hub wholesalers.

Service Revenue Maximization

Hub Wholesalers derive their service revenue from messaging traffic received from various sources, such as MNOs, enterprises, aggregators, or other Wholesaler customers, for onward routing. Pricing Models typically differentiate between P2P and A2P traffic, and further categorize A2P into different sub-categories (e.g. advertisements, 2FA, digital engagement and commerce fulfillment).

Many wholesalers struggle with validating the type and category of the traffic received, operating on a trust basis. More often than not, the routes used to carry the majority of the traffic are the least expensive routes. So the inability to validate traffic type and category on the part of wholesalers can drastically reduce the service revenue they could be receiving.

Openmind Networks’ SMART Routing Service addresses this challenge by robustly validating the traffic type and category, ensuring accurate Wholesale Billing CDRs and maximizing Service Revenue.

Service Cost Minimization

Hub Wholesalers onward route traffic towards its destinations via partners, who offer similar pricing models. Without robust traffic validation capabilities, Wholesalers may route traffic based on unvalidated information, potentially incurring higher costs.

Openmind Networks’ SMART Routing Service’s robust capability to validate traffic type and category can also be used on the delivery side, and use this in the real-time onward routing via the Partner network with the lowest cost for this traffic mix.

Service Revenue Enhancement

Openmind Networks’ SMART Routing Service categorizes all incoming traffic received from enterprise, aggregator, MNO or Wholesale sources and inserts new field information into Billing CDRs, allowing mobile or wholesale billing platforms to apply category-based pricing, thereby enhancing Service Revenue.

Service Cost Minimization

Openmind Networks’ SMART Routing Service categorizes incoming traffic and provides this categorization to the routing capability for real-time onward routing, minimizing costs. In addition to real-time routing, the Billing CDRs also include new field information for any reconciliation or other post-processing.

Openmind Networks’ Smart Messaging Network categorizes messages and optimally routes them based on their type. This ensures that enterprise customers can utilize a unified interface for message submission while relying on the network to appropriately route and charge for each message. The focus is on accurate routing and charging. This can prevent bypassing charging mechanisms and safeguard against spam and fraudulent use.

Openmind Networks’ Smart Routing solution, a managed service for wholesale operators, introduces Smart Control. Smart Control employs machine-learning technology to classify messages with specific ‘tags’. These Tags enable the Traffic Control SMS Hub to make intelligent routing decisions based on precise content knowledge, tailoring rules for each customer’s messaging services in the network. This innovative approach enhances service quality, attracts new Enterprise customers, and protects against revenue loss and messaging misuse.

This tool presents SIMBOX “Candidates” detected by AI/ML Models to the customer with supporting evidence, i.e. depersonalized Message Text to make a Blocking Decision. Note: The SIMBOX Tool can also be configured to automatically block candidates when detected.

Openmind Networks’ Smart Routing Service emerges as the compass guiding Hub Wholesalers through the intricacies of SMS Hub traffic. By addressing validation challenges, the service empowers Wholesale Providers to maximize revenue streams and minimize costs, offering transparency and control in the dynamic world of messaging traffic.

In essence, Openmind Networks’ Smart Routing Solution emerges as a transformative force, providing wholesale messaging providers with the tools needed to maximize revenue in the SMS Hub traffic landscape. It’s not just a solution; it’s the key to decoding the SMS Hub traffic challenge.

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