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Despite the popularity of OTT applications like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and WeChat, SMS remains the only universal messaging application guaranteed to reach 100% of your mobile users. In addition, it is the most trusted channel – 98% of text messages are read, 90% under 90 seconds of receipt. It continues to be the most used app on mobile phones.

80% of people use texting for business purposes.

SMS is the ideal communication channel for messaging broadcasting systems. With the COVID-19 crisis, Governments all over the world turned to SMS as the most efficient channel to send critical information to their citizens. This created an urgent requirement on Operators to allow government agencies to conduct broadcast campaigns to all subscribers on their network.

At the same time, Operators everywhere have seen large spikes in regular SMS traffic as subscribers increased their use of this channel to stay in touch with friends and families during the pandemic.

The immediate challenge for Operators was how to quickly deploy and support new broadcast services while simultaneously handling greater than normal traffic volumes on their core messaging platforms. Further, travel restrictions were creating logistical challenges that limited or delayed the ability to install new equipment and systems in their network.

Cloud-based broadcast messaging systems, such as Openmind Engage,
provide a robust solution – it can be quickly deployed and easily scaled, giving Operators immediate access to the capacity that they need, when they need it. In addition, Engage is highly secure, provide redundancy and high availability, and is designed for remote management.

To find out how Openmind’s Engage multi-purpose, multi-channel Campaign Management System can be used for public services broadcasts, please read our whitepaper here.

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