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What is Traffic Control?

Traffic Control is the platform software on which we deliver our suite of products.

TC6000, the latest release of our Traffic Control platform, operates on a rolling release schedule that ensures you get the most up-to-date functionality delivered to you via cloud or on-prem.

Open Core


SMSC: Core SMSC for 2G, 3G and 4G networks supporting both A2P and P2P services. The market-leading SMS product that brings reliability and efficiency to your network.


5G SMSF: 5G compliant messaging function enabling SMS delivery on 5G networks with no IMS core. The SMS product you need to take your business into the future.


Multi-Media Messaging Centre for rich messaging functionality for A2P and P2P.

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Application router

Openmind’s Application Router is a multi-protocol A2P/P2A Gateway providing access control for thousands of Large Accounts/ESMEs sending and receiving A2P traffic on a mobile network.

SMS Firewall + Sentry

Our messaging SMS Firewall is a rules-based fraud management system for messaging. It allows our customers to configure rules controlling SMS and MMS deliveries on their networks. It is fully complaint to GSMA IR.71 SMS Anti-Fraud standards. Sentry eliminates the threat posed by spam carried as MO or MT SMS traffic on a wholesale provider’s interconnect links to mobile operators.

IPSM Gateway

Can be deployed as part of an IMS network to implement the SMS service on 4G or 5G networks. RCS Application Server: IMS Application Server supporting RCS messaging flows.

Messaging Hubs

Openmind’s SMS Hub is the most widely deployed Hubbing product on the market. It supports IR.75 Open Connectivity Message Flows and can also be configured to support alternative message flows. Our MMS Hub is an MM4/MM3 Router used by industry leaders for MMS Hubbing Services.

USSD Gateway

Gateway function supporting messaging transactions via USSD.


The Connect module is provided to meet Wholesale Operator demand for a solution that gives content providers a central access point that can be used to deliver SMS content to subscribers of multiple mobile networks.

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Open Insight

The Messaging Analytics and Reporting Function provides web-based Reports and Dashboards that are intuitive and interactive.

Operators can use the function to gain insights into messaging activity on the network and to audit interconnect volumes and messages received from aggregators and wholesale suppliers.

Setting up Open Core
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We will assess your existing systems

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Happy businesswoman laughing while leading a meeting with her colleagues. Group of diverse businesspeople working together in a modern workplace.
Happy businesswoman laughing while leading a meeting with her colleagues. Group of diverse businesspeople working together in a modern workplace.