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The roll-out of Standalone (SA) 5G networks is accelerating around the world. Messaging remains a key service on SA 5G, and is required for a variety of use cases including IoT device activation, OTA provisioning and Telemetry. A new network function, the SMSF, is required to support SMS deliveries over 5G networks.
Openmind has developed an SMSF function as part of our next generation Traffic Control 6000 messaging platform. We can deliver the SMSF as either a standalone solution, or as part of a consolidated, multigenerational messaging solution for 3G, 4G and 5G networks.
Traffic Control 6000 has been completely redeveloped as a virtual-native messaging solution for Private Telco Cloud and Public cloud deployments.
  • Telcos should play a key role in the building of the 5G messaging ecosystem. This means working with other service providers, vendors and application developers to create 5 G messaging-based services and develop business ,models.
  • Telcos will need to continue to support SMS in their 5G networks. While messaging apps have achieved significant penetration globally  and are almost at saturation point in some countries, SMS remains the only universally available messaging service on mobile devices and therefore retains value for customers.
  • The messaging ecosystem must focus on A2P SMS and /or 5G rick messaging to drive messaging revenues over 5G networks. A2P SMS remains an important service for enterprises to engage with customers. It is attractive to enterprises because it is universally available, cheap, reliable and the center of an already established ecosystem, which can also be tapped for 5G rich messaging/RCS Business Messaging (RBM).
  • The IoT market for 5G messaging should not be ignored. Massive IoT (MIoT) looks set to be a significant industry vertical for 5G, with use cases spanning smart cities, consumer electronics and transport and logistics, amongst others. Messaging is a key connectivity service for MIoT that telos should capitalize on where they can.

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