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For the first time since 2019, Openmind attended Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and it was great to be back meeting with our customers and colleagues.

Although much of the show’s exhibition space was concentrated on cutting edge technologies such as 5G, Virtual Reality, and connected cars, companies focused on messaging remain very prominent and demonstrate the continued importance of mobile messaging services in the telecommunications industry.

In our meetings with customers, two issues came up repeatedly – How to grow new A2P revenues by providing new APIs and services to Enterprise Customers, and how to protect subscribers from fraud. The two issues are inseparable – the A2P channel is only of use to commercial, enterprise customers if subscribers trust that the channel is free from fraud.

We talked to several customers about a fully holistic solution embracing our latest A2P Platforms and Hubs to act as an access point for commercial messages, coupled with our Machine-Learning based Security services to enhance the fraud-busting performance of existing SMS Firewalls.

It was interesting to hear many operators talk about their wish to offer more enterprise-friendly APIs supporting messaging and authentication services. Openmind has long advocated the need  for operators to replace their reliance on Aggregators to provide these services to enterprises. Doing so will allow Operators to increase revenues and margins, and also give Enterprises direct, secure access to mobile networks.

Several meetings we had with customers were also dedicated to public cloud architectures for future messaging platforms – the industry has certainly made a big leap in this direction over the last 12 months and we expect that many of our future projects will be fully hosted on the public cloud.

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