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Dublin, April 2022

Openmind Networks are proud to announce they have helped Mobile Operator Swisscom to protect their subscribers from SMS Phishing (Smishing) attacks that defraud subscribers.

Openmind, a specialist in mobile messaging security , have spent a number of years researching the threat posed by  Fraud and Cyber attacks to the long term commercial viability of the SMS channel. Openmind predicted that SMS would need to be protected from fraud and abuse in order to maintain subscriber trust in the service and have developed machine learning technology to tackle Smishing.

When the issue of Smishing began to ramp up across Europe in 2020 Swisscom turned to Openmind  for a solution.  Openmind have worked closely with Swisscom over the last number of months to implement and launch a Smishing Detection Service that secures subscribers from fraud while also adhering to stringent Swiss privacy regulations.

Swisscom use Openmind’s Smishing Detection Service to detect and block Smishing messages on their network, protecting subscribers from the constant plague of fraudulent messages. The service has proved an immediate  success, and in the first weeks of deployment has detected and blocked thousands of Smishing messages.

Openmind will support Swisscom by continuing to monitor and detect new SMS threats to Swisscom Subscribers, and evolve the service accordingly.

About Openmind:

Openmind Networks, coming from deep experience in core messaging infrastructure, has a mission to help our customers protect their subscribers from fraud and to help our customers protect their networks from fraud and cyber attacks. Our customers include some of the world’s largest Mobile Operators, Wholesale Operators, Aggregators and Social Media providers.

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