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In this webinar, we will look at the Cybersecurity threat to both networks and critical infrastructure posed by the uncontrolled spread of mobile malware. A new wave of FluBot attacks is currently sweeping across Europe and other parts of the world. Thousands of devices have become infected by the Malware, and have now joined a global Botnet controlled by International Criminals. FluBot is normally described as a Banking Trojan, but an infected device can be exploited for a range of different cyberattacks. A significant ‘installed base’ of the malware on a mobile network represents an unacceptable threat to both the network and critical infrastructure in the targeted country.

We ask what is at risk, and we will explore what should be done to mitigate these risks. Operators, Regulators and Governments everywhere need to be taking urgent action to stop the spread of this highly dangerous Malware.

An expert in the field will also be joining us to share his experiences and offer advice on how to combat this threat going forward.

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