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We are excited to announce a brand-new service from Openmind that can allow operators to dramatically grow A2P revenues by ensuring all A2P traffic is delivered via appropriate premium routes. The service uses neural network technology to automatically categorize different types of messaging traffic on the network. At its most basic level it can distinguish between A2P and P2P. Within A2P, it can further divide messages into different categories, such as messages from International Internet brands like Google & WhatsApp, Financial One-time Passwords, and advertising. A recent use-case of the service on live network demonstrated its ability to boost traffic through approved International A2P Hubs by 50%

Operators benefit from using the service to ensure proper routing, charging and control of A2P and P2P traffic on the network, stop SIMBOX activity, and to prevent spam attacks from impacting customer service satisfaction.

Openmind provide the service either as a hosted service, or as a locally deployed solution delivered and supported by our managed services team.

This additional value-add service is accessible as an extension of our widely-used Protect SMS Firewall, but can also be used from a third-party SMS Firewall supporting a DIAMETER interface. It can be used either in a passive mode for generating reports and dashboards, or can be used in active mode to block in real-time traffic types using unauthorized routes.

The solution is designed to be used as a service by individual mobile operators, or can be used by wholesale carriers to re-sell the service to their own mobile network operator customers.


The service can be triggered by an SMS Firewall or other messaging handling platform using DIAMETER. The DIAMETER request needs to include the sender address plus the content. In order to maintain subscriber privacy, numbers contained in messages (which may be account numbers, access codes or other confidential information) can be replaced by a one-way hashing algorithm before triggering the cloud service. The response will include a classification tag identifying the type of message sent. This tag can be used by the client Firewall to determine how the message should be processed



Benefits to Operator

  • Improves Quality of Messaging Service by automatically recognizing different types of messages based on content, allowing appropriate controls and routing logic to be applied.
  • Enables filtering of A2P messages on all P2P interfaces
  • SIMBOX detection on mobile originated traffic
  • Enables filtering of International P2P and A2P traffic on domestic A2P interfaces
  • Allows operators to implement different termination rates for different categories of messages
  • Allows operators to control the number of A2P advertising messages sent to each subscriber in a given period
  • Automatically recognizes and blocks harmful or spam traffic

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