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Openmind is the leading supplier of Messaging Platforms to global Interconnect Messaging Industry, with the World’s Top 10 Carriers all using Openmind’s Traffic Control Platform.

We have achieved this position by building a deep understanding of the business and technical issues facing of our customers. Our Traffic Control platform was first deployed at an Interconnect Carrier in 2004, and since that time we have enhanced the product to meet all the various unique needs of the Interconnect market, including hubbing & routing, number portability, security and business reporting.  Our account team works closely with potential customers to identify the solution that best meets their requirements, providing advice and expert consultancy at each stage in the process. Finally, our deployment and customer support team are all experts on how to configure and maintain a system to deal with the complex routing required for an interconnect platform.

As well as providing solutions that support current businesses at Interconnect Carriers, we also work as partners with our customers to develop new products for new business opportunities that can be addressed by Interconnect Carriers. Examples include providing a Managed SMS Firewall Service, and implementing an RCS Hub. We are the only major messaging vendor focussed on serving the needs of Interconnect Carriers – this market is of vital importance to Openmind and we are 100% committed to working with new and existing customers to bring added value and innovation to Interconnect messaging into the future.

Openmind’s competitive advantages in the market for Interconnect Carrier messaging platforms are summarized below.

  • Openmind is the only major messaging vendor that has focussed on building expertise and excellence in the Interconnect Carrier market. The range of features offered by our platform is unrivalled, as is the expertise of all our staff, from Senior Management, to our Account Team to our Deployment and Support Engineers. No-one else understands this space as well as we do, so no-one else is as capable of developing, deploying and supporting a solution for an Interconnect carrier.
  • Our 17 global customer’s to date give us tremendous insight into the business and technical needs of the market, and over the last 11 years, we have built that insight into our product and into our support procedures.
  • Uniquely in the market, Traffic Control was designed as a base platform for a range of different Interconnect carrier services. Once a customer deploys the platform for one use-case, they can rapidly extend that to new uses as required by the needs of their business.
  • Because Traffic Control is so widely deployed, interoperability both between Traffic Control and other types of interconnect carrier platforms is guaranteed.
  • Openmind continues to invest in R&D in new innovations for the Interconnect Carrier market. The latest of these innovations is an RCS Hub. As the market grows and evolves, Openmind is 100% committed to evolving with it. Customers are therefore insured that they are investing in vendor with a long-term vision and commitment for the market.
  • Openmind is the only vendor that hosts an annual meeting for its customers, giving our Interconnect carrier customers a unique opportunity to meet both formally and informally with other Interconnect carriers as well as with their mobile network operator customers.

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