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Openmind Networks has successfully completed a fully native NFV Messaging deployment with its Traffic Control 6000 platform into Kyivstar, a Veon Group property. Traffic Control 6000 is fully integrated into Kyivstar’s NFV network and is processing all messaging traffic.

Openmind Networks has developed and delivered a truly revolutionary messaging platform designed for Network Functions Virtualization (NFV). Openmind’s platform is capable of supporting all legacy and future messaging services including OTT integration.

The unique capabilities of Traffic Control 6000 provide for a completely automatic Continuous Delivery process, whereby a live messaging cluster is seamlessly upgraded to the latest version of software, without any human interaction.

Traffic Control 6000’s key benefits include:

  1. Zero Downtime Upgrades – Openmind has developed a new process for Live Rolling Updates. This process involves introducing new software components as old software components are gracefully removed. All this happens as the messaging platform continues to deliver 1000s of messages per second.

This automatic update process removes the complexities and costs of detailed planning, downtime, and testing.

  1.     Ease of Management – A Traffic Control cluster can be centrally managed from a single web GUI, that acts as a VNF-Manager for the messaging cluster. This allows an operator to easily manage the cluster and provides automatic scaling capabilities.

This greatly simplifies the day-to-day management tasks and it allows the system to be scaled on demand reducing planning, resourcing and operator costs.

  1.     Network Agnostic – Openmind has designed its messaging platform to be deployable into any type of network infrastructure; NFV-ready networks, virtualized networks, or a network built on dedicated physical hardware. This was achieved through a re-architecture of Openmind’s platform from a tightly coupled cluster, to a collection of containerized components using Docker. For NFV networks, Traffic Control 6000 supports APIs that allow it to interface towards the MANO layer.
  2.      Enables Innovation and Revenue Creation Opportunities – Traffic Control 6000 shows true innovation is still possible within mobile messaging and value added services. Openmind has recently launched its Mobile Engagement Platform for Operators, Aggregators and Inter-Carriers to manage their Application-to-Person (A2P) traffic. Traffic Control 6000 allows operators to seamlessly add support for RCS to their portfolio of messaging services and to exploit RCS for new high-value A2P use cases. Openmind have also introduced DevOps to the messaging world allowing our customers to deliver innovation at internet speeds like native digital players (Google, Facebook, WeChat) with the addition of new software, upgrades and maintenance releases at a much faster pace than any competitors.

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Openmind’s Communication Platform is deployed in over 260 sites across 45 countries in Europe, Middle East, Asia and North America, powering over 1 Billion transactions every day. Openmind is headquartered in Dublin with regional offices in the Czech Republic, Kuala Lumpur, UAE, USA and the Netherlands.

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