Traffic Control 6000 – Essential Communications Platform to Deliver Messaging Moments in 5G

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Traffic Control 6000

Why read our white paper?

Openmind Network’s communication platform, Traffic Control 6000 (TC6000), has been delivering messaging moments for over 17 years. As the penetration of 5G increases, operators will continue to rely on the Short Message Service to generate revenues. SMS is used to connect billions of IOT & M2M devices and creates messaging moments every second of every day between brands, businesses and customers.

TC6000 is entrusted by operators, hub providers and aggregators across the world to process billions of messages. From time-sensitive banking and two-factor-authentication messages, to marketing and health broadcasts, to person-to-person chats, Traffic Control is the communication platform to trust.

TC6000 unique configurability is unmatched in the market, allowing operators to analyse, route, control, enhance, and charge billions of messages. With its range of APIs to suit any business or application, it is the gateway to reach customers wherever they are. As a cloud-native application it can be deployed quickly, integrated seamlessly, and scale on demand in any network. It is the essential communication platform operators need as their networks evolve towards 5G.

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